We start by reclaiming our identity.

Or, perhaps more accurately stated, it may well be that our identity reclaims us.

Who are we really? What does it mean to say that we are made in the Image of God?

It is a statement crucial to our lives because we are defined as His imagebears. Our very souls have been fashioned, not just by Him, but in the same manner as His soul, His heart.

God’s “DNA,” so to speak, is our DNA at the deepest level of our being. God is holy, omnipotent, omniscient and full of truth, of course. But there is more than even that. He is, as He has shown Himself to be throughout scripture and in individual lives now, Dangerous, Passionate, Alive and Free.

For us, this is where the story gets very interesting in a personal and engaging way.  Being made in His Image means that we are also Dangerous, Passionate, Alive and Free. 

This truth is the basis of how we need to see ourselves in order to move into the world and create culture that reflects His heart; culture that nurtures and affirms Life.

We need to live according to our true identity to design transformational communities where all of our relationships are marked by healthy intimacy and the restoration God brings.

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