Spheres Of Interaction

Living as a true imagebearer of God affects every area and discipline of our lives. If i am really conducting my life according to an identity defined in terms of who God is and how He has made me, then not only will i reflect Him in my behavior, i will also make Him the center of my worship.

All humans are worshippers. We know this from Romans 1, as well as a survey of contemporary society or pop culture _ whichever label you like.  It’s not just religious people, or church-going people, who are worshippers.

Everyone worships. Look no farther than our celebrity culture. Case in point: the reaction across the globe to the death of Michael Jackson.

For many great thoughts on this listen to the Internet Monk’s Radio Podcast, by iMonk.

iMonk makes some great observations about the deification _ my word _ which often occurs in society where celebrities are concerned, and the ultimate emptiness which is the harsh reality behing the facade.

i love what iMonk has to say in his podcast regarding the “inherent beauty of Jesus” and the “sweet aroma of Christ,” both of which stand in stark contrast to the worship of lesser ‘gods.’

And while iMonk was not explicitly talking in terms of the Image of God as our true identity, he was conceptually on the same page as myself. 

He  also shared provocative thoughts on how Christians interact with the homosexual community, which we as imagebearers must consider.

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