Michael Jackson

In response to my post the other day on the InternetMonk’s Radio Podcast, in which iMonk talks about _ among other things _ the recent death of Michael Jackson _ Joseph comments:

It’s sad that our society makes so much fuss over an ‘entertainer.’ We want our ears tickled rather than hearing the Truth.

i would say this, initially: entertainment has value, and Michael Jackson was a great entertainer. The social commentary provided by iMonk, and which i am endorsing here, is not that entertainment is the problem at all.

Rather, the death of this entertainer _ as with the death of any celebrity figure _ is a chance once again for us as a society to see something about ourselves. It is, to borrow Shakespeare’s words, the equivalent of holding a mirror up to society.

Are we willing to look into that mirror? Why do we so easily yield ourselves in forms of worship to such celebrities? And, what objects, people, principles, and so on, are truly worthy of our adoration and devotion?

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