Cultural Architecture

The phrase Cultural Architecture is something i came across when i was introduced to Erwin McManus. It’s a great phrase and concept; and it strikes at the heart of what we are doing here on this site. Or, attempting to do, at least.

Really it is simply a way of talking about what Jesus was talking about, and what the prophets before Him were talking about.

There is in the Great Story this theme of things and people being made new. The prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel talked about it, and Jesus went around saying: “You have heard _______, but I say _______.”  He was designing a certain type of culture by introducing new ways of understanding what it meant to relate to God and one another.

That hasn’t stopped. Jesus still says that same thing _ and more, to be sure _ to people today. There is always offered to us a full and thriving life with Him. And if we live according to the Image of God in us which He is calling forth from us, we will thrive as we design a culture in which love and beauty and wholeness and honesty and grace are manifest.

When we step into our true design as Imagebearers, the cultural architecture begins. It wasn’t until i forsook my addiction and started truly pursuing what it means to be made  in His image that i learned how to be a real man, an honest husband, and a good father.

More than that, once the shift had taken place, i was finally building a culture worth having and inviting others into that it might be passed on. Up to that point, i had been the cause of decay, pain and general discord.

What will we build as cultural architects?

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