New Addition

A number of years ago, when i tried my hand at the blogosphere for the first time, i met a talented man named Joshua Clark, who was editing an online magazine he called Chasing Hats.

Clark chose the name of the site based on his fondness for G.K. Chesterton and a short story of his titled On Chasing One’s Hat.

Now defunct, The Hat, as Joshua affectionately called it, was a compendium of essays, film reviews, music appreciation and the like.

i have created a page on this site titled Essays, on which i have posted a sampling of what i contributed to The Hat. More may, or may not, follow.

For now, there is a two-part consideration of the Oscar-winning film Braveheart as well as some thoughts on art in light of the writings of Francis A. Schaeffer, which comes in three-parts.

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