Thoughts On Being A WarriorPoet

The page for the Society of WarriorPoets has been attracting quite a number of visitors this past week, so it seems a good time to add some thoughts pertaining to it.

It is imperative that men be WarriorPoets. God is the eternal Trinity _ a relationship _ and we are made in His image. Men often perk up when talk of being a warrior is initiated; it appeals to our aggressive nature and the strong desire to, for lack of a better word, attack something.

There is a place for that, but often the real meaning is lost in translation. Warriors are not destroyers who, with nothing more than a bloodlust, ravage things. Warriors are purposeful in how they fight and what they fight, always working toward establishing what is right and good and true. Warriors fight not to be conquerors for, and unto, themselves.

They fight for what is noble. I refer you to the two-part essay on Braveheart for more.

But men must be Poets as well. If they aren’t, they will fail to cultivate relational intimacy, which would constitute a failure to live according to their design. And, if men don’t cultivate relational intimacy, they will never receive the healing their hearts desperately need.

Poets know how to relate to others, men as well as women, in healthy ways. And, Poets work to build a brotherhood in which men learn to become men. We do this together because it cannot be achieved alone.

When a man is healed of his relational wounds, he steps closer to the design of God. There is battle, and the need for the Warrior. So too, there is relational pain and the need for the Poet.

Consider this excerpt from the Braveheart essays:

The extent to which Wallace is a Christ-figure also includes the concept of the WarriorPoet, since Jesus was also one during his time on earth. Furthermore, He will be again in His second coming. A WarriorPoet is a man who knows how to fight evil in favor of truth and what is right, but also nurtures relational intimacy and values beauty. In fact, in God’s design of man, the full intention was for men to live out their calling and identity as WarriorPoets. Certainly, “WarriorPoet” appears nowhere in scripture. Nevertheless, when God told Adam to rule over the earth, and gave him Eve, God was displaying for us that man would be a warrior who would rule the earth and subdue it, but he would also be a relational being designed to have intimacy with woman.

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