i had the pleasure today of talking with a young scientist and finding that despite our years of difference in age, to say nothing of our areas of knowledge and _ dare i say, expertise _ we had a bit in common.

Sadly, though, the common ground we shared related to our frustrations with the community of faith and same of our brothers and sisters within it.

The scientist was bemoaning the attitude he has encountered often among evangelicals that faith/religion and science must be at odds with each other. I was relaying that over the years i have experienced the same attitude with regard to how brothers and sisters often view art, literature and the overall creative process.

i did share with him that i am encouraged to see improvement, but more is still needed.

This really gets to the heart of what we are trying to design as followers of Christ. While segments of the faith have decided to declare war upon science, art and many other facets of our society, we must commit to designing a community of faith which is more integrative.

Bearing God’s Image means being as He is toward humanity and the very creative process itself, which is ultimately an expression of how we have been designed.

As ones who have been designed, we too design. And we must create in keeping with Him who creatively incarnated Himself to the world, rather than declared war upon it.

As we embrace our true identity we follow His path into this sort of creating.

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