Spirit of Resignation, Part II

My last post about the spirit of resignation as it applies to pornography addiction got me thinking that the same spirit manifests itself in many Christians, without respect to a particular addiction.

When i talk with believers these days, many of them seem to have, more or less, given up. They continue to do the right things: they keep raising their kids the best they know how; they still are involved with church; they still wake up each day and go through life. But just below the surface of those things is a weariness that has taken hold such that the core belief of many people is, essentially:  Life sucks and then you die.

Is life hard? Absolutely. Do we often face bitter disappoint and loss? Sure. Am i making light of grief and advocating a false positivism? No.

Grief, loss and pain are real. We can never pretend that we are untouched by them in this world.

i am referring to resignation as a way of seeing the world and one’s life. i am talking about a way of approaching life which doesn’t really believe God is good and still active, redeeming humanity and making things new.

We often stuggle to understand painful experiences in life, and they may challenge our belief that God is good. But resignation is a yielding to the lie that we are on our own in the world; nothing good is really ever going to come our way; and God Himself either hates us, or just doesn’t really care.

The spirit of resignation has its origin in the heart of the Enemy. It is a strategy of attack which we need to expose and fight.

Jesus promised us life to the full (John 10:10) and in His death He showed us once, and for all time, that God’s heart toward us is good.

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