The pace of life and the pressing demands of family, work and “other things,” has been overwhelming since the last post.

The good news is that these days are not like the old days. What i mean is that in the old days, it is precisely this kind of overwhelmment which would have driven me to porn.

 But the old has gone and the new has come. Consequently, i have not returned like a dog to my own vomit.

Other good things are happening too. i put a new link up which is for Bravehearts.net, a project by Michael Leahy. You can read all about him and what he is doing on his site. i encourage a visit.

Leahy, like Craig Gross of XXXChurch, has debated porn star Ron Jeremy on the effects of pornography. Leahy also has other things to offer on his site. Currently Leahy is promoting his new book Porn Nation.

My previous posts on the Sprit of Resignation have turned to be very indicative of many people i am talking to these days. i think one of the best remedies for that resignation for me over the years has been John Eldredge’s book Waking the Dead.

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