Mark Sanford And Issues Of First Importance

The clatter about South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has been, understandably, political.

But while the discussion has focused on “Should he?” or “Should he not?” resign for political reasons, the truly important issue of his need for healing and the future of his family life are going unaddressed.

Politics is a distraction from what is of first importance. For Sanford, leaving office would not be failure or appeasement of political foes. Rather, it would be the most courageous and noble thing he could do in the aftermath of a highly publicized affair.

Sanford himself should recognize that political aspirations or intentions or even battle lines don’t matter now. There is still time to salvage what has been the most important thing all along: his relationship with his wife and his children.

He still has much to offer as a husband and a father, and his focus should be on doing just that.

But as long as he misframes the issue with quotes like this:

I’m not going to be railroaded out of this office by political opponents or folks who were never fans of mine in the first place,” … “A lot of what is going on now is pure politics, plain and simple.

he will miss the point.

In fact, the longer he stays in his office the more he invites everyone to play politics, because he is.

Mark Sanford: Resign and dedicate all of your energy and ambition in healing your wounds,saving your marriage and rebuilding your relationship with your four children. Those relationships are the only things that matter.

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