Broken, Part 2

Andy Crouch’s site had this post the other day about what happened years ago when an African-American pastor met a then-leader in the Ku Klux Klan.  Although Johnny Lee Clary, who has since renounced his life in the KKK, relays the stories with humor, the seriousness of the issue is not obscured.

Transformation comes in many forms. For Clary, it came in the form of the courage, humor and risky love of Rev. Watts. In short, Clary was “broken.”

The Rev. Watts showed overwhelming grace and love to the unlovable people of the world. It took great strength to do so.

The story of Johnny Lee Clary’s renunciation of his former life of hatred is replete with hope. The love of the Rev. Wade Watts would seem to many a fool’s errand, much like the trip Craig Gross and Jason Harper made to Westboro Baptist Church.

What isn’t explicitly stated in the video, but must have been part of the story as it regards Rev. Watts, is that he was able to take risks because he had a strong understanding of his identity and his true strength in God. The Rev. Watts turned the tables on the KKK, a dangerous thing indeed. It’s a great example of someone living in a way which is Dangerous, Passionate, Alive and Free.

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