One of the most interesting themes in life is that we all have our wounds _  some self-inflicted, some inflicted by others even though they mean well, and some inflicted by those who clearly mean us harm.

The result is Brokenness. And while “Brokenness” has become within the Evangelical Community, to an extent, a buzzword, it still has an important place in our understanding of who we are as God’s imagebearers.

In addiction and recovery, facing my brokenness was essential. Then, living in light of God’s love for me as a broken man, became the real path to learning my true, God-given strength in Christ.

That’s what piques my interest in this post by Jason Harper on the Jesus Loves You site today. Jason is the pastor who teamed up with Craig Gross of XXX Church to write a book about how Jesus loves various, often despised, segments of society.

Harper invites us to see our own brokenness and that of others in way which leads us to compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Living in light of our brokenness allows us to see our true identity rather than attempting to fashion an identity on our own. Self-made identities always come up short in life’s crucial moments anyway. But if, in brokenness, we reach out for the love of God, He will transform us into the people we were designed to be.

Then, we will be able to engage with the world in way that brings life rather than just more of our selfishness.

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