The Barbarian Way

It’s been a rough period of days since my last post; the tyranny of the urgent really takes its toll.

Responsibilities. Heartaches. The weariness of living in a fallen world and dealing with the Enemy’s assault on my heart.

At the same time, it is never hopeless. And so the journey takes its turns; it rises and falls along a path with hills and valleys and adventures which, ultimately, lead toward Life. In fact, even the journey along the way is imbued with Life, as He unfolds His Life to the Full in the midst of everything else.

In the midst of this, i recently finished reading a short gem by Erwin McManus titled The Barbarian Way.

Simple and direct, this book has a lot to offer. i probably will be referencing it heavily in the next few posts.

McManus hits on something when, writing about Jesus and John the Baptist he says:

Jesus and John were considered barbarians, even though they expressed themselves in different ways. But at the core they were the same. They lived and moved in the mystical. That is, they had a unique and transcendent connection to the Creator of the universe. Guided by the voice of God, they cared little how others perceived that. What was invisible to others was clear to them. Their lives could not be explained apart from God.

Those of us claiming to know and follow Jesus have lost something. Christianity has become too reasonable. It has become nearly scientific. Sadly, the whole idea that a person would experience God has become anathema to many Christians. This is crucial to those of us dealing with addiction issues. Or living free from those addictions.

Whatever language we use, the point is the same: living free from an addiction to pornography (or any addiction) requires following The Barbarian Way, being Wild at Heart, living as one who is Dangerous, Passionate, Alive and Free. We are all talking about the same thing. We must take a journey into authentic masculinity and a recover, as McManus calls it, A unique and transcendent connection to the Creator of the Universe.

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