Brady comments:

I have often found my own “fight” to be one of subduing my urges. This is approaching the fight in the wrong manner. It is a matter of changing out passions: the earthly for the heavenly. Seeking and “connecting to the God of Eternity.” As this passions grows the other dies. As the light enters in, the darkness leaves.

Brady’s thoughts are insightful. Urge suppression never really works as a way of dealing with temptation, let alone addiction. Even if in the short term it seems to garner favorable results, sooner or later it comes crashing down under the weight of its own pretense.
The pretense is: the urge is real because we were designed for passion, intimacy and _ quite frankly _ ecstasy. This is why in C.S. Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters, Wormwood refers to God as a hedonist.
God Himself has designed pleasure. Our Enemy can only twist something good to defile it and attempt to trap us with passion which is selfish and misdirected.
Brady mentions that  it is a matter of “changing out” our passions. In other words, don’t be fooled that the way to deal with something like pornography addiction is to become less passionate. Rather, see it from God’s perspective: be passionate about the things He is passionate about. Then your passions will guide you in the path of Life.

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