It’s been a whirlwind week. i can hardly believe it.

i have had some very interesting conversations with different people about pornography addiction and the path of healing. i am always very encouraged when i meet someone who is submitting to the process of confessing and then working a plan of recovery in which that person is dealing truthfully with regard to the underlying causes of the addiction.

Such was my case on a couple different occasions this past week. Humility from a once-proud addict is so refreshing. When an addict understands the Life-or-Death nature of addiction and starts walking toward the Light, good things happen. Such humility is very attractive.

The journey of healing always takes us back to our wounds. We are forced to deal with those scars with honesty in order to be changed. When we embrace a life of full disclosure, and renounce a life of concealment, we hear words of meaning and restoration spoken over us by God Himself. Questions of identity and purpose are fuel for the addiction in the first place. I used to run to porn when faced with feelings of inadequacy from relational pain, among other reasons. It is such pain that lies beneath all of our indulgences.

Every man who runs to pornography is seeking answers to fundamental questions about his own heart. He will never find those answers in the pages of a porn magazine; the scenes of an X-rated video, or the inside of a so-called gentlemen’s club.

This week i have been talking to men who are really understanding this for, perhaps, the first time. And they are responding with small steps, as much as they have faith for, toward wholeness. If they stick with the process, God may actually make them real men. It is exciting to imagine.

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