It Doesn’t Work Like That

A brother who is starting to wrestle with his addiction said to me recently that he realized something very important:

It would be a whole lot easier if we could just pay $10,000 _ or any price _ to have this addiction removed. But it doesn’t work like that.

No. It doesn’t.

To be truly healed; to move to a point where an addiction does not rule you, takes a journey. You can’t pay to have it taken from you. You can’t skirt it and try to go around it as though it were merely a traffic jam on the interstate. Instead, you must walk a path through it.

This is why the language of a journey is crucial for us. This is why all the great stories through the ages which tell us of adverturers on a quest ring true in our hearts.

The Fellowship of The Ring had to make the trip to Mordor to destroy the ring, they couldn’t mail it in. Likewise, Dorothy defeats the wicked witch after taking a journey; Private Ryan is saved after a band of brothers goes on a quest to rescue him; and Narnia is saved when the Pevensey children journey in the land and restore its glory. On and on the stories tell us of the path we must walk.

Addictions are dismantled when we take the journey of healing our hearts. It works like that.


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