Underestimating The Spiritual Impact Of Pornography

i was talking with a young man yesterday who was confused about some things going on in his life. Specifically, his emotions were haywire and he was obsessed with death in recent weeks. The more we talked the more i could see that something had a hold on him. As we talked i learned that in the last month he had discovered soft porn on video filing sharing sites on the Internet: sites such as YouTube and others.

Most of what he viewed would not be considered pornography by many people, but it is. And by consuming those videos, he was opening himself to demonic influence. The result was spiritual and emotional upheaval in his life.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the force animating pornography, whatever form it takes, is truly from the Evil One. But it is. And we should not be surprised when there are spiritual implications from our involvement with it.


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