You’ll Never Walk Alone

There is no way to emphasize sufficiently the importance of brotherhood in walking the journey of freedom from addiction, as well the journey of masculinity.

We need one another as men in order that we would be real men. What is it that hinders us from reaching out to ask for the support of our brothers, even in a time of emotional and spiritual need? Whatever it is, we must renounce that inertia; that impulse to hide; that strong pull toward rugged individualism. In the moment of temptation there is nothing to be gained from resisting the strength which a brother _ or brothers _ can lend.

We need to know that we will never walk alone. We need to be the sort of men who do not let our brothers walk alone.

The stakes are simply too high. When all is said and done the man who will not call out for help will be the one regretting his fierce independence as he sees the wreckage wrought in his life from temptation that flowered into sin and took him down. His wife, kids and reputation in ruins, that man will think: “If only I had just called a brother.”

Again, how instructive are the great stories. It was not Frodo alone who took the ring back to Mordor, it was a Fellowship. It was not one soldier behind enemy lines bringing back Private Ryan, it was a group of soldiers together. We have been lied to by that segment of popular culture which elevates Rambo and John Wayne as the depiction of what it means to be a man.

Men need each other. And in the company of men, a man finds who he is. And it is those men who band together who do what is truly heroic: they move into the world to offer a strength which comes from God and is not corrupted by fleshly intentions.

To my brothers i say: You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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