Skeletons In The Closet

A blogger asked the question in this post, “does everyone have a skeleton in the cupboard?”

Cupboard. Closet. The question and the point are well taken. i cannot answer for Everyone of course, but i think most of our closets (or cupboards) are chock full. Human nature being what it is, the assumption generally should be yes, each of us has a skeleton to be reckoned with.

How will we deal with them?

One of the greatest moments of freedom a person can know is when he or she stops the pretending, owns up to the skeleton being in the closet it and _ not only flings open the door _ but addresses the core issues that created that skeleton and kept it hidden all this time.

The posing that we go through in order to present ourselves to the world as though there were no skeletons is false. But honesty, especially the brutal type which will look the skeleton in the face and show it to others, takes great courage.

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