Those Awkward Silences

There are those moments of awkward silence which always hit in a conversation when i mention that i am writing a book, and the person i am talking to asks what the book is about, only to hear me say: “Pornography addiction.”

And i always wonder if there is a better way to ease them into the idea that i am working on such a book in the first place. But there is very little anyone can do to provide a smooth merge into that subject. And of course, there is a certain irony in that.

After all, we are saturated everyday with various forms of pornography, yet we don’t seem comfortable discussing it. In some ways it’s like we are fish and the sea in which we swim is a pornographic culture.

Think i am exaggerating?

When you go to the supermarket you have to run a gauntlet of soft porn just to pay for your groceries. Have you ever really thought about how sexually saturated our culture must be if all the magazine covers feature women in revealing outfits and the word SEX is prominently written?

We are anesthetized because it is constant. Maybe those awkward silences are not such a bad thing after all. They might just be one way we wake up and see things as they really are.



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