Adam Lambert, The American Music Awards and ‘Entertainment’

i didn’t see the broadcast of the American Music Awards, but from the stories i have read, Adam Lambert must have put on quite a performance.

More entertaining than the performance has been reading the spin Adam is putting on his actions, as well as his use of a well-worn cliche to justify them.

First, the spin: “It’s just entertainment.” In fact, the Associated Press story quoted him as saying everybody was enjoying his act and they were entertained. The key word is “entertainment;” it’s sort of like Hollywood’s get-out-of-jail-free card. Translation: we can do anything we want, as long as we call it “entertainment.” Then we can protect ourselves and tell everybody who objects to what we have done to lighten up _ after all, it’s just entertainment.

This is the insidious reality undergirding Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire. The magazine carries the subtitle: “Entertainment for men.” By calling sex and sexual expression a form of entertainment, it makes the indulgence much more palatable in society. Hefner has been very successful is effectuating a massive shift in cultural attitudes toward women appearing naked in his magazine, and appearing nearly naked just about everywhere else.

Sex isn’t anything special, it’s just entertainment.

As for the well-worn cliche Adam has been using lately, i would like to hear a really good explanation of what “Envelope” it is he _ and many others _ seem so compelled to “Push.” His defense of sexually vulgar activity also included a claim that men have not been able to express themselves sexually in their musical performances over the years. i guess he hasn’t listened to much Rock N Roll then.  Or, at the least, he should turn on Mtv to get the picture.



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