The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Postscript

Kylie Bisutti was dubbed the newest Victoria’s Secret “Angel” last night at the fashion show. Not that i watched, i didn’t.

But the news was heralded on the internet today as though it really meant something.

Please, don’t insult me with the use of the word “Angels” in this context, all it really shows me is that we have a cultural fascination with a misconception.

Angels are warriors for the Kingdom of God, not women who flaunt their sexuality before millions of viewers.

Rather, these women are simply Sirens singing us on our way to shipwreck on the rocks of run(a)way sexual promiscuity.

On one hand i don’t blame the women, at least not entirely. They are taking advantage of a modeling opportunity, and they want to feel beautiful. Understood.

But the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show only makes our culture more pornographic, and the tragedy is that the effect on women such as Ms. Bisutti is actually detrimental. She may see it as a modeling opportunity, but it’s far more serious than that.

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