President Obama ‘Sexy’

President Obama is a well-eduated man, so his lack of adjectival power is disappointing.

While visiting Home Depot to promote house retrofitting in order to make them more Green, he referred to the whole process as “Sexy . . . because it saves you money.”

He really couldn’t come up with any other descriptive words?

It’s one thing for advertisers to abandon the multiplicity of adjectives in our language for the default “sexy,” but as the President,  and one who has studied at Harvard, Mr. Obama certainly has some more appropriate descriptive words at his disposal.

We are, as a culture, stuck in a place where the only word we know to use to make something attractive is to place “sexy” right in front of it.

From jeans to hedgefunds to, now, home renovations _ it’s all “sexy.”

But no, no we’re not a country obsessed with sex.

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