Repairing Tiger Woods: It’s About Much More Than Image

There is no shortage of advice on what Tiger Woods should do next. And much of the advice seems to think the path back to respectability and acceptance in our culture runs right through Oprah’s couch.

The Washington Times had a story in which it interviewed a marketing guru to figure out what Tiger could do to “Roar Again.”  Rick Reilly had this to suggest.

It’s one thing if all we are talking about is, essentially, re-branding Tiger Woods. There are minds clever enough to design a campaign which will accomplish that. And i am certain plenty of entities from Nike to the PGA to Gatorade want that most of all.

But what Tiger Woods needs most right now is real healing. He’s a sex addict. The only difference between Tiger Woods and millions of men in our country, enormous wealth and the best golf swing _ perhaps ever _ notwithstanding, is that his actions are now known across the globe. The number of men who care held captive the way Tiger was (and probably still is) measures in the tens of millions.

You can do all the re-branding you want, Tiger will still be an addict. Unless something powerful happens in his life. And that powerful thing needs to come from God Himself.

My addiction did not involve actual live encounters with women, but i was just as much an indulgent fool as Tiger has been. The pressing matter is not his image, it’s the deep change he needs at the core of his being. Tiger Woods needs to take a journey of healing his heart in which he carefully examines the wounds of his past.

Everything else in Tiger’s life will flow from the authentic freedom he will experience if he takes the journey all sex addicts must take.

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