The Decade Ahead: Your Freedom Awaits

Time Magazine called the Decade of the 2000s the Decade from Hell. May be it was, but discerning that will take a while. There has been so much looking back over 2009 and the decade as a whole in recent weeks. Really, our focus should be on what’s ahead.

What will make this new decade any different?

Resolutions come and go and rarely mean anything to us. The joke in our society is just how quickly we break our own resolutions. We know the things we ought to be doing _ i.e. exercising, eating a healthy diet, et al. _ but we all go right back to the things which bring us comfort. And the fact that we simply laugh it off really indicates that the problem we all have runs more deeply than we care to admit.

i recall one year when i made it my resolution to stop looking at porn once Jan. 1 arrived. i lasted until Jan. 31, then all Hell broke loose; things went as viral as can be. Other years i decided not to even pretend to make the resolution and on Jan. 1 i got the year started with porn. The reality was clear: i didn’t understand real change at the soul level.

If real change is going to happen in our lives, it’s going to take a combination of real blood, sweat and tears on our part, and something greater than ourselves empowering us to move in the right direction. If God doesn’t heal our hearts our resolve won’t mean much. We can gut it out for a while on our own strength. But eventually, the dam will burst and the flood waters of our addiction will wash us away.

But here’s hope: the decade just completed, on a personal level, was a dramatic improvement over the 1990s; that was my Decade from Hell as far as the addiction is concerned. The 2000s were all about healing, and my how my heart was healed in that 10 years. At the dawn of the new decade, your freedom awaits you.

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