On Getting An ‘A’ For Effort

Andy Crouch’s site had this very interesting post the other day. The link he includes to 3 quarks daily on ‘True Grit’ is also instructive.

It  has nothing to do with addiction, or so it would seem at first glance. But linger a moment and see that the point of the excerpt and post, as well as the linked story, apply. If we only praise success and victory, addicts will never grow and see renewal. For all of the power of God displayed in my life in setting me free, there is still a requirement that i do some work. And every addict must apply himself as well to the process of healing.

This is not to be mistaken with fixing ourselves; relying on our own strength; or any variation on those thoughts. Rather, it’s Call and Response _ SO _ how will i respond? Persevering and putting forth the effort of renouncing the thoughts and images of my past is crucial. Training my mind and meditating on what is true, noble, right and pure requires something of me. Looking away when an advertisement jumps on the TV screen so as to protect myself from the temptation inherent in the visual is up to me.

But even when i don’t get it exactly right, a brotherhood which knows how to encourage the hard work, perseverance and effort is what provides me strength. And in our dealing with sin in general, it’s caring for the hearts of our brothers and sisters in this fashion which will make for a community of grace and endurance instead of a group of posers who rely on the appearance of performance for their false security.

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