Key Characters In The Story

In life there are people, experiences and even specific moments which hold prominence based on how they fit into the course of The Story being written in each of our individual hearts.

For an addict, especially one such as myself who has been the recipient of great healing and freedom, the list of significant conversations and events can be quite long. My journals are full of stories; all of the many experiences which have shaped me and set the new course of the journey i have been on since everything came to light. Every great story is filled with significant characters who steer the plot and shape the direction, and my Story is like that.

Mark Tindall is one person who has been monumental in my life, from the days shortly before my addiction became public, to the present. This post was originally intended to appear on his birthday, which was last week, as a way to honor him. But, even though it is belated, it is still worth publishing.

Mark is my pastor now, senior pastor at Blue Route Vineyard, but when i first met him, he was just another pastor among many that i knew. That didn’t stop him from having a strong effect on me over lunch one day.

Roughly a week later, my porn addiction was out in the open. Ironically, what Mark had said to me that day over lunch had nothing to do with pornography or addiction. But there was something in the encounter and a challenge he gave me which did powerful work on my heart.

In the years since, Mark has preached sermons, talked with me, prayed over me and encouraged me into a deeper, more intimate life with Jesus.

If you are going to make it in this world, recovering from addiciton; living in freedom and growing as a person, you need a Mark in your life. It’s important to remember, and celebrate, the people and events which turn the tide from death to life.

Addiction has been likened by one writer to a banquet in the grave. Mark has repeatedly served me a banquet in the finest of homes.

Thanks, brother.

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