Super Bowl Weekend In Miami

Super Bowl weekend and Miami. A marriage made in porn heaven.

Miami already has its reputation with the Girls of South Beach videos of Playboy fame. Adding in an occasion like the biggest NFL game of the year only adds to the pornification.

On the Saturday night beforehand, Playboy and Maxim will throw their parties  _ invite only. But for the rest there’s Leather and Laces, featuring various actress/model/bikini-wearing women doing something under the pretext of football.

According to the Miami Herald, P. Diddy has already rented for the weekend the biggest of the so-called gentlemen’s clubs known as the King of Diamonds.

Then there’s the envelope-pushing ads on television; the obligatory Go Daddy ad with a well-endowed woman lacking discretion.  There will be countless other ads with a more-than-usual sexual theme about them.

And don’t forget the lingerie bowl at halftime.

We are awash in pornography. More cleavage and tight clothes all round.

Fox Sports recently redesigned its website and included on the standard menu options for “Babes” and “Hooters.” Fox Sports isn’t alone, Sports Illustrated will publish its swimsuit issue soon.

And for those who don’t want to go a day without some soft porn, SI’s website has on its main page a swimsuit model of the day, and a link to literally thousands more pictures.

i  have been down this road. It leads to no good.

With all our culture’s illicit sex mixed with sports, we need to stop acting aghast at the likes of Tiger Woods. We are creating a culture which endorses his behavior in practice even as commentators denounce it verbally. Truth be told, our pornified culture is shaping all men so that they become Tiger Woods.

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