Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue And Jenny Sanford

As she has so many times shown throughout the ordeal of her husband’s extra-marital affair being front page news, Jenny Sanford again displayed great poise by being composed and grounded on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Stewart makes a living off of mockery, but even he was clearly affected by Sanford’s confidence and candor. Of particular interest was Sanford’s comment at the end of her interview where she talks about being surrounded by “self-absorbed males.” She delivers that line without guile, and the truth of it sticks.

Well done, Jenny.

On the other hand, there is Brooklyn Decker’s response to being named the cover model for the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Apparently, she cried at the news. Not so much composure, and over something so small. To say nothing of contributing to the further decline of men into self absorption.

Brooklyn: you are probably a nice person, but it’s really sad that you do this sort of modeling.

And again, to recap something which should be obvious:  wearing a swimsuit, or hardly wearing a swimsuit — as the case may be — is not a sport. The fact that a magazine which is supposedly dedicated to sports takes one issue a year to pander to the pornified male population by publishing soft porn is ridiculous on its face.

We could use a whole lot more Jenny Sanfords.

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