John Mayer: Another Playboy Casualty

John Mayer certainly got himself in hot water with that Playboy interview.

It’s unfortunate for him that Playboy is as popular as it is, and is accepted as mainstream by pop culture. Were the magazine as unimportant to society as it ought to be, Mayer’s comments would have gone largely unnoticed.

But now he is a victim of his success, his reckless tongue and celebrity culture.

Mayer is just the most recent of many people damaged by Playboy, albeit somewhat inadvertently.

Usually men are victims in a more private and subtle way; their souls die slowly despite feeling so alive from the sensation provided by pornography. The women who appear in the magazine (and other media produced by the Playboy empire) are collateral damage as a result of their exposure; their feminine souls ravaged by the false adoration of selfish, self-absorbed men.

This time round it is Mayer who is suffering from careless exposure.

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