Fighting The Battle: A War On 2 Fronts

Breaking Free has a great post about dealing with the lure of pornography. It uses mythology as the context, talking about the Song of the Sirens.

There is much to be said for what we can learn from stories. But again, given that our lives are stories, set in the context of an even larger story — God’s grand drama — this makes sense.

The connection between mythological tales such as the Sirens, our stories and the healing of our hearts is clear: Understanding who we are in this grand story is essential.

There was an interesting nexus of these things the other day as i met with other men who are working through the issues of their own hearts pertaining to pornography addiction. Literary theory and the heroic cycle were discussed, as well as the reality that we must fight against the Sirens — although we were not specifically talking about that particular story.

Rather we were thinking of Star Wars, and the journey Luke Skywalker takes to face who he truly is and then conquer his nemesis.

It was a wide ranging discussion. All the while we were thinking about dealing with the Enemy, the Evil One who opposes us. And we were talking about fighting the battle, which is really a war on two fronts. First, there is the front which is the spiritual struggle as described in the New Testament:  we fight not against flesh and blood.

But then there was the reality that we do fight on a real, temporal, physical level as well. We must consciously fight against the Siren song of pornography in tangible ways, just as the characters in the mythic tale did. We must plug our ears; avert our eyes; and play a contrary tune against the onslaught of a pornographic culture.

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