Tiger Woods: Good First Steps

At his press conference today we saw Tiger Woods as we have rarely, if ever, seen him:  he was embarrassed.

In obvious emotional discomfort, Tiger showed contrition for his infidelity, and — refreshingly — he did not try to shift the blame.

He said many things of interest. For one, he talked about how he needs to change. He also said that his failures made him look at himself in a way he never has before.

In reference to the 45-day therapy program he recently completed, he admitted that he has a long way to go; so much so that tomorrow he will be leaving for more therapy.

It would seem Tiger gets it. He is willing to submit to the process of healing and recovery and is applying himself to the work it requires.

i was really glad to hear that he does not yet know when he will return to golf. But, he plans to return one day.

Given that so many men who are sex or pornography addicts try to act as though they can just return to doing the same things they used to do, while sprinking a little therapy alongside, Tiger’s approach came as a pleasant surprise.

Tiger spoke of first steps and long way to go. That is the attitude every addict must take. He protected his wife, Elin Nordegren — as best he could.

It was nice to see that, for now, she was not simply standing by his side as though everything were fixed. He even made a reference to Elin’s perspective:  Tiger has to live out his integrity, not just use the word. Talk is really cheap in a situation like this.

Tiger has been blessed with a wife who knows how to be furious at his infidelity. Such a woman is a greater gift than most men realize.

Tiger is now playing a longer and more difficult course than he has ever encountered. Today he has taken good first steps.

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