An Interview With Luke Gilkerson Of Covenant Eyes

Luke Gilkerson is the author of Breaking Free, the blog associated with Covenant, which is a leader in internet accountability software. For many men who really want to start fighting for purity in their lives while still using the sex-saturated internet, Covenant Eyes provides much-needed tools for the battle. i recently spoke with Luke about his work, his passion and his own journey.

DPAF: What is your role with CE, and what is your mission?

LG: I am the community manager for CE. I use the Internet to connect with people on the web and to promote the CE mission, which is empowering people with knowledge and resources to fight the temptations posed by the Internet.

DPAF: What has been your personal journey with regard to porn and healing?

LG: It was a series of events. I had accountability throughout the time i was addicted, but most of that was passive accountability. I hated the thought of being found out, so i always confessed my porn problem freely, but nobody really knew how to help me. I didn’t see any victory. Then one day an older man in my church approached me and we started a mentoring relationship. After talking about my problem with porn, and telling him that i just didn’t know how to break free, the man told me that he would pray for me and would not leave me. he helped me to see my heart; the motives and desires which were fueling the sin. That was the beginning of steady progress.

DPAF: Prior to joining CE two years ago, what had you been doing?

LG: I had been in leadership in a campus ministry. Often people who are in leadership positions start with great motives, but then things become mixed. The same things that keep people continuing in leadership — a desire for respect, admiration and acknowledgment — are the same things which operate in the hearts of pornography addicts. It’s not surprising to me that ministers fall prey to internet pornography.

DPAF:  Can you share with us some stories of hope you have heard while working for CE?

LG: I hear testimonies all the time. Married men have something happen in their lives where there is a crisis of truth. Someone has exposed their pornography problem. These men suffer from varying degrees of enslavement; they are far too tempted every time they go on line and they need a way out. Accountability software is a tool which helps lead them to freedom. The CE accountability report is a good tool for probing the heart and starting discussions about what men are struggling with and why.

…it’s humbling to work here at CE and have any voice at all given I used to be so deep into [internet porn].

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