Dealing With The Mrs.

My wife got a call this week from a friend of hers who just recently caught her husband looking at porn on the internet.

The devastation, anger, feelings of betrayal and general disgust this woman felt was compounded by her husband’s response: He blamed her.

The first response of a guilty man who is unwilling to own up to his own behavior, whatever that behavior may be, is to blame somebody else. And so, he had a ready response. He would not be looking at porn if she weren’t driving him to it based on her lack sexually.

So it’s timely to mention this post at Breaking Free which deals with the whole topic of blaming the wife.

If there’s anything that the Tiger Woods saga demonstrates, it is this:  Being married to a Swedish model isn’t the answer. Women: it’s not about being attractive and sexy enough. The problem is with the men. John Mayer reinforces this in his Playboy interview.

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