Why Men Cheat

What an interesting week it has been. Tiger announced he will play the Masters and gave a short interview; Esquire Magazine gave us an F-bomb-filled rant on the reasons why men cheat (a laundry list of sorry excuses which should have every reader crying foul, as Salon did); and poor Sandra Bullock continues to deal with the fallout of her husband’s adultery.

The glory of winning an Oscar has been completely overshadowed for Bullock who now deals with the revelation that the aptly named Jesse James _ he is, after all, guilty of relational thievery _ has been having an affair. To compound matters, James’ ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindermuler is now seeking custody of their child on grounds James is not fit. Irony.

What a circus. And yet, we should not be surprised. The tragic thing is that we are becoming anesthetized to infidelity and porn culture as a whole.

This is the society we are building. John Mayer got it right when he talked about how the internet is changing how entire generations think about sex.

And i would be right there too, but for my rescue.

The Esquire piece, written anonymously, by the way, contends that men cheat because they need to. And, cheating is good because it makes men better husbands and fathers. Nice “Guy Wisdom.” Why couldn’t the author actually sign his name?

Instead of some nonsensical attempt at justifying atrocious behavior as Esquire did, the question “Why Do Men Cheat?” deserves thoughtful consideration.

Tiger’s confession a few weeks ago gave a pretty humble and accurate answer: he did it because he felt entitled. And his own interests outweighed all other considerations in those critical moments. That’s what happens when you are an addict.

And i was right there with Tiger, until my rescue.

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