The Social Costs Of Pornography

The men at their computers [addicted to] looking at porn [are] uncannily like the rats in the cages of the NIH, pressing the bar to get a shot of dopamine or its equivalent.

i am only 2/3 the way through The Social Costs of Pornography, published by the Witherspoon Institute, but it is fascinating reading. i will certainly post more on it when i am done.

Meantime, the quote above is unsettling, and, by showing the similarities between men glued to computers looking at internet porn and lab rats, should grab someone’s attention.

One of the particularly interesting findings is Finding Five: Today’s consumption of internet pornography can harm people not immediately connected to consumers of pornography. In other words, nobody is immune from the effects of pornography in our culture.

The report addresses addiction as well. More once i have finished reading the entire report.

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