Cheaters, Marriage And Benchmarks Of Masculinity

There is no end to popular culture’s attempt to understand Tiger, Jesse James and friends. It’s all rather intriguing, this ongoing analysis.

Salon has this as one way of understanding it. And the choice quote of the piece appears toward the end when the writer opines:

From Tony Soprano to Denis Leary in “Rescue Me,” the antihero serial cheater has become the benchmark of masculinity.

If being a “serial cheater” is the benchmark of masculinity, then might i suggest we upgrade our standards?

That said, the piece raises a fair question: why get married if you are the sort of man who will act out on your sexual fantasies and not be faithful?

But the answers require more deep thought and a better benchmark. We’ve tried masculinity and sex according to the spirit of the age, and that hasn’t gotten us anything better than serial cheating and the destruction that goes with it.

A new approach is in order.

 Men: you are designed in the image of God to reflect His strength and character in your relationships. Try authenticity.

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