More On The Social Costs Of Pornography

i am still working my way through the report by the Witherspoon Institute on the Social Costs of Pornography, and i found this quote:

The prevailing justification for pornography in our time appears to be philosophical libertarianism. Many people regard pornography as a private matter that does not affect others, as long as both the producers and the consumers are consenting adults. If pressed upon the point that pornography obviously causes harm in some families and marriages and relationships, many people would further respond that such may be true, but beside the point; what is most important is that people have a “right” to it. This response is illogical. No one would argue that tobacco is not a serious public health problem because many smokers, including lifelong smokers, do not die of lung cancer. Likewise, the fact that not everyone becomes dependent upon or addicted to pornography is irrelevant to the fact that pornography causes substantial harm.

This is no doubt a controversial thing to say in our age, and the detractors will ready their arguments. But those who defend pornography have not looked deeply into the dark reality which lurks beneath the material and the lifestyle.

Look intently into the eyes of the man who is addicted; hear him tell his story of entrapment and indulgence. Listen to the anguished cries of the wives who have been  crushed and betrayed by their husband’s dark secret life. Witness the youth of America growing up in an increasingly pornographic culture, sexually out of control. Face the fact of 28 million sex slaves throughout the world imprisoned by the sex trafficking industry.

Consider that many of those slaves are here in our own country, not some abandoned hinterland of the world. A society that normalizes pornography is granting approval to a behavior that kills the souls of the actors, the viewers and those who are in relationships with those actors and viewers.

We can attempt to justify it a million different ways, but it is a destructive activity.

You are personally affected when someone you love watches pornography. That person becomes more self-centered and unable to engage in the relationship. The relationship is damaged. You are personally affected when your child’s coach, or teacher or a neighbor watches porn. That person interacts with you based on a mind shaped by the self-indulgent, sexualized content he has just watched. Rage, anger, selfishness all rise in the hearts of men who watch porn.

Our children often go to sleepovers in homes where men who watch porn interact with them. Our children’s sports teams are often by  men who watch porn.

Think about it. Do you really want your child spending alot of time at practices and traveling to sports tournaments with a man who regularly views porn? We believe that the man who watches porn can separate that activity from his other affairs. That is a lie.

Whatever i fill my mind with will control how i think. And there is no way i can view pornography and then turn around to coach a team without still having the sexual images playing in my mind. As a result, my thoughts about young boys and girls will be more sexual.

At my son’s end-of-the-year soccer banquet one year the man sitting next to me was making sexual comments about the 9-year-old girls in attendance. Why? Because he fills his mind with porn, so sexual thoughts pour out of him.

We are affected. We are poisoned.

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