Sexualization Of Our Culture: Michael Leahy

Last fall i had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Leahy, author of Porn Nation and Porn University.  Leahy is interviewed on the most recent Covenant Eyes podcast.

One of the things Leahy talks about is the need to discuss and understand the sexualization of our culture, and to do that, he has surveyed 50,000 college students. The survey, developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes — the leading expert on sexual addiction — is available here.  Carnes runs Pine Grove Treatment Facility, which is where Tiger Woods has been getting help.

Leahy mentions in his interview with Covenant Eyes that the rise of the internet generation is revealing ways in which sexual attitudes and practices among men and women have been altered by internet pornography.  He also mentions that some of the exposure to porn on the internet is “accidental,” which is to say that a person may not be seeking pornographic material, but there are so many sexualized images on the internet in general that we get exposed through ads and other content.

It is much like what researchers have said for many years regarding sex and violence on television.  Programs and ads all feed us heavy doses, even when we aren’t specifically seeking it out.

The sexual innuendo and conversation on sitcoms is often thick, even though the actual program itself is not considered mature. As Leahy comments in his Covenant Eyes interview: we are swimming in it.

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