John Eldredge At Westmont College

John Eldredge has a huge ministry all focused on recovering the heart of the Gospel, and the heart of God Himself.

Early in my journey out of pornography addiction, my counselor gave me four audio tapes of Eldredge speaking at a men’s retreat using the material that later became the book Wild At Heart .

Those tapes became incredible tools of God in setting my heart from from porn addiction.

Eldredge recently spoke at Westmont College. The video is here.

Among the many things he says in his address at Westmont that interest me are these two:

  1. There is nothing religious about Jesus.
  2. Quoting Herman Melville: The reason the mass of men fear God, and at bottom dislike Him, is because they rather distrust His heart, and fancy Him all brain like a watch.

The significance of a heart set free in overcoming pornography addiction cannot be overstated. In the end, a heart-to-heart relationship with God is what is required for us to live free from pornography. Because only He can heal us of our deepest wounds which drive the indulgence. And, only He can supply for us the ecstasy that we seek in pornography.

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