An Ugly Side Of Life Connected To The Beautiful Game

The World Cup starts in less than one week.

While soccer, or football — as it is known throughout the world — is a known as the Beautiful Game, there is a terribly dark side to the huge festival which is the FIFA World Cup.

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation, particularly at this year’s cup, are a major concern.

It’s not just South Africa where the worlds of sex and sport collide. In our country the NFL Super Bowl is always a cause for parties by the likes of Playboy and Maxxim.

And in Germany four years ago, additional brothels were built in various cities to accommodate the influx of football fans. In Germany, where prostitution is legal, there were campaigns to raise awareness and prevent trafficking. It still happened, just to a lesser degree than human rights groups had feared.

And while pornographers in our own country always go to great lengths to distinguish between the sexual slavery of trafficking and the porn industry of consenting adults, there is one common thread which is undeniable:  Both are based on a consumerist mindset which thrives on the commodification of sex.

And just because not every man who looks at porn also participates in the trafficking of young girls for sex, that does not mean that he is innocent. Far from it. Our indulgence of pornography feeds the overall commodification of sex and creates a demand for the supply.

Also, as men consuming pornography, we destroy women and make it easier and easier for women to be victimized in sex trafficking. We need to be men who will fight for a redeemed and holy understanding of sex, and regain a voice through lives of integrity that we would speak out against the culture of exploitation the world over.

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