Reflecting On Father’s Day

Volumes could be written about the role and impact of fathers on the men who grow up to become porn addicts, as well as the influence of fathers on those men who don’t get ensared.

For those of us dealing with the addiction, it’s aftermath and the subsequent raising of our own sons, there is always a need to understand our relationships with our fathers. And the point is never to blame them. But simply put, all of our fathers _ for those of us who are addicts, as well as for those who are not _ are fallen men.

There are fathers who deserve condemnation, but that is not the purpose here.  My father has given me what strengths he possesses, and i am better for it.  Yes, there are wounds, as with any relationship.

We all are fallen, so there is no avoiding brokenness in our world. But even in brokenness, the deeper and truer things God has written on our hearts remain.  Thanks, Dad, for passing along your sincere and noble heart.

Whatever wounds we have along the masculine journey we take to the Heavenly Father, perfect in love.

The words of identity and purpose which a young boy needs to hear from his father will forever remain a starting point of need as we probe the ways that we, as men who became addicts, start to understand ourselves.  And those same words, when left unspoken by our earthly fathers, must still be spoken to us; this time by the deep and true voice of our heavenly Father.

Even Jesus received those words.  When he rose from the waters of the Jordan River at his baptism, God spoke:  “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.”

The wounds are real, but the healing is greater and will be the final word on those men who take their fear, insecurity, pain, brokenness and ache for authentic masculinity to the Father.

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