Pornography Robs Men Of Their Masculinity

The Covenant Eyes blog Breaking Free has a great post which includes a video of Mary Layden, PhD discussing the negative effects of pornography.  Layden is a clinical psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennslvania.

All 10 minutes are worth viewing, but one of the sections of great importance comes at 7:50.

The quote of all quotes is this: “Pornography robs men of their masculinity.”

Does it ever. Although saying that in our culture is counterintuitive.

She goes on to say that pornography robs men of their greatness, and warns tha we cannot afford to lose any more men to pornography.

Layden also says that even men who aren’t addicted to pornography still experience the negative effects of pornography and hurt women in relationships.

Pornography, Layden says, is a versatile drug — that’s right — she referred to it as a drug. It can be an upper or a downer, helping to stimulate a person who is depressed, or providing a calming effect on someone who is anxious.

She also has strong words for anyone who believes that somehow pornography addiction is not a real addiction. And the American Psychiatric Association will be adding both pornography addiction and sexual addiction to the updated Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, also known as the DSM.

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