Being away on vacation last week means that now that i am back, there’s lots of readjusting to do.

Rest and true relaxation make a huge difference when it comes to pursuing the right passions; so often it is the weariness of life that grinds us all down and opens us to the threat of taking our passions and appetites underground.

Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable — as the Indigo Girls sang more than 20 years ago — and it’s easy to capitulate when life has pounded life and energy out of us.  Hope and strength require that we see the big picture and not get lost in the details of battle; or work; or any other matters of limited vision.

The challenge for me now is to be in the present moment of deadlines and work and such, without losing the big picture.

When i was on vacation i could breathe deeply of the beauty God provides: the way the sunshine plays on water in the late afternoon; the flight of an osprey soaring across the river; a tender moment with a loved one shared in the unhurried moments provided by the absence of agenda; and the solitude of standing under the stars and full moon.

Those moments are true reality. Those moments are the truly important ones, for they connect me to the Life God is calling me into: a life of richness and meaning, where my soul is nurtured.

In the battle against pornography addiction and the intensity of working toward healing men’s hearts, we will fail miserably if we don’t take time to pull back and replenish ourselves. Pornography is the byproduct of a world which ravages our hearts, yet it often does so slowly and surreptitiously.

It is essential that we drink from His well and receive life.

So when it comes to readjusting, the real adjustment is not from vacation back to the grind.  Rather, the adjustment needs to be that in the midst of the grind, i still see the larger story and don’t get trapped in the agenda of an overly busy world which leaves my heart in tatters.

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