Kind Words

Just a quick note to thank George Spaulding, who commented on this blog some weeks ago.

George discovered John Eldredge through this blog and posted on the Ransomed Heart Network a note about this blog and, more specifically, Eldredge.  George mentions that he was listening to a sermon by former NHL goalie Bob Froese, who is now a pastor in New York.

Then George said:

[Froese] mentioned the phrase “Covenant in passing. to my knowledge, it was the only time that he mentioned it on any of the 5 CDs. each message was about 40 minutes long, so one can see how many seconds that would be! God chose to let me hear the one second reference to Covenant out of all of those thousands of seconds! wow!

when i got home, and for the next few weeks, i checked out “Covenant Eyes”.com, and also a website by james cordrey “Dangerous, Passionate, Alive, Free.” well, i read blog after blog, and it was such a blessing in many ways! finally, i checked out a name: john eldredge, and thought “well, let’s see where this guy is coming from!” something about his blogs and stasi’s made me realize i’d “stumbled” on to something genuine! i checked out RH.Net. and thought “Where have you guys been all of my life?” it was almost like having been on a world cruise, and then arriving home…the old house, the familiar old driveway, good neighbours on the street waving and phoning, glad to have one back…

Thanks, George, for the kind words. Discovering the things that nourish our souls always has a way of making us say, as George did, “Where have you been all my life?” It’s like finding that treasure hidden in a field that Jesus talked about.

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