Your Body

In his commentary on Romans, John Stott points out that human depravity expresses itself through our bodies: the words we speak, the things we look at and the activities we engage in.

So then, addressing that depravity, and reversing its reign in our lives, must involve our bodies.  It is with our bodies that we live.

Some philosophers have promoted the idea that somehow the physical body is merely a cage for the soul; therefore, it lacks real importance.

But Paul says otherwise. In Romans 12:1-2 he tells us that we are to offer our bodies as a spiritual act of worship.  This means our physical bodies must be engaged. Worship is everything, and everything is worship.

What will we look at and where will our feet take us?  These are practical questions which must be asked and answered.

This is crucial for men struggling with pornography addiction.  So often i hear men speak as though they are expecting God to simply set them free from the addiction, without recognizing that they must be active participants in the journey to such liberation.

Conscious choices must be made by us as men in this battle. Our actions are what establish patterns of righteousness.

For me, when my addiction came to light and i started taking it seriously, wholesale changes were in order. i disconnected the internet from my house; i stopped watching television and listening to the radio; and i started meeting with a counselor once per week at 6am.

i took drastic measures. My attitude was: whatever it takes.

Those drastic measures haven’t been needed in the years following because real change accompanied those physical activities.  Now i have the internet at home; i listen to the radio and watch television; and i no longer see that counselor each week at 6am.

But at that crucial time, those were important boundaries in my life; they starved the addiction, while i addressed the deeper issues of my heart which were driving my indulgence.

The attitude of every man who says he wants to deal with his addiction must be: whatever it takes. Otherwise, nothing will happen. It’s amazing how, upon close examination, it becomes apparent that many men take a very passive approach to dealing with their pornography addiction.

The question posed to every addict is this: What are you willing to do to deal with the problem?

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