Tiger Tamed

Tiger Woods has slouched to his worst performance ever.

Strange as it sounds, this is actually a good thing.

The professional and public humiliation brought on by a disaster such as Tiger’s recent finish at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Tournament, often paves the way for real, deep humility.

Sex and pornography addicts need that deep, painful humbling before they will ever really change. When my issues came to light in my marriage, i went through at least a year, if not two, of humbling experiences.

Like Tiger, i led a double life.  i led others to believe i was a man who had integrity in life and in his marriage, but in reality i was a hypocrite.  Tiger hid behind his squeaky clean public image to maintain a persona who was an upstanding example of goodness, while he cheated on his wife and led a sordid life of sexual indulgence.

Tiger and i wanted others to regard us highly, but in order to do that, we had to lie about what we really when nobody was looking.

In order for Tiger, or anyone, to change, the false self must be dismantled. Like me, Tiger needs to come to the end of himself.  Then he will be ready to put to death the person he has been.

Professional failure is crucial to this process for Tiger because it was his success that he relied on to fuel his duplicitiousness.  And the more successful he was, the more invinvible he thought he was.

Failure on this level is the path to freedom. As long as he can cling to something of his former glory, he will not experience real liberation.

Here’s to beautiful, glorious failure.

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