Tiger And Elin: A Post Mortem

If the report at Radar Online is to be believed, things really took a turn for the worse with Tiger and Elin when he returned to golf and she got the impression that he was not serious about changing his life.

Elin is in good company among wives.

Many times pornography addicts get scared and do something serious, such as the enroll in the treatment program Tiger visited with Dr. Patrick Carnes.

But then time passes and many men lose the sense of urgency and, quite frankly, get casual about their problem. As addicts they are, after all, given to extreme swings in emotion and reasoning.

When a man eases up on his pursuit of change; when he starts getting casual about dealing with his problem, he tries to return to “normal” life.  But for Tiger especially, there was no “normal” to return to.

If a man is serious about transforming his life, he cannot get casual about conquering his addiction and slaying the dragon. Our wives lose all hope when we get casual.

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