Sharpening The Blade

A surgeon needs his scalpel to be sharp and clean.  A sword will dull edges won’t get you through the battle. A knife with a blunted blade is of no use to a world-class chef.

Likewise, any group of men which gathers for the expressed purpose of pursuing integrity and growing in Biblical masculinity needs to keep a sharp edge about itself.

If accountability is going to be anything at all, it will require total honesty and the members of the group must have the right to ask penetrating questions _ the sorts of questions which often feel as though they cut a little.

Recently our group of WarriorPoets took the pulse of our group and discussed the state of our union. What a crucial night it turned out to be.

The commitment was still strong among the men. So too was the desire to go to even deeper and deeper places with one another in our pursuit of wholeness. It is about so much more than just stopping the behaviors of Pornography, Lust and Masturbation indulgence.

In coming weeks i will be adding resources to this site; the sorts of resources which  will enable you to start a group for men, or simply sharpen the blade in your own life. But truly, without a group, your own blade will remain rather dull.

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