Sooner Or Later It Comes Down To Trust

There was an audible sigh, of sorts, last night when in our small group — as we were discussing faith — i said: “there’s a fundamental shift that happens when we move from viewing God’s intentions with suspicion, to knowing at a very deep level that God has our best interests at heart.”

There was a heavy pause. It was almost as though the possibility of having that certainty was too much to consider.

But it is a powerful shift, nonetheless, and it is one that Jesus keeps pushing us toward. He tells us again and again of God’s goodness. He tells us story after story reflecting God’s grace, provision and heart of compassion.

Think Prodigal son; the shepherd who goes to look for the one missing sheep; the treasure hidden in a field; and so on.

Our faith intersects real life at a crossroads where one road is the suspicion of God’s motives and the other is confidence in God’s good heart toward us.

This is an intersection that every pornography addict — and all addicts for that matter — visits on a regular basis. When we, as addicts, take that second look at a beautiful woman; entertain a lustful fantasy or take a look at porn, we are choosing to view God’s motives toward us with suspicion, at the least, and contempt, at the worst.

We need to know His heart toward us is good and He has our best interests at heart. Otherwise, we will keep running to the counterfeit of porn to soothe our pain and to inject some pleasure into our barren worlds.


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